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about us

COMPANY NAME : kpopshopee

Registered Address : 27, Hosandong-ro 36nam-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea

Our online shop is the best place to directly order the latest CDs, DVDs, and collectibles officially released in Korea. We are located in South Korea. You can buy original and authentic KPOP items. We try to get as many kinds of items as possible. Our goal is to deliver great original kpop items to you Directly From South Korea.

Worldwide Shipping

We do ship items worldwide.


If you choose "EMS" as the carrier, we do ship items to any country. To some countries (especially Latin America, Middle East), shipping time would be more than 2 months by standard air mail. For those countries, we only ship items by registered air mail service.


We do want to deliver items as soon as possible. We usually ship items within 4 working days after your payment. But shipping is terribly delayed because of distance and air mail

system of country itself.


We recommend "EMS" service for safe and fast shipping.